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Whining About Wine . . .Reviews . . .

I frequent wine boards (kind of like frequenting wine bars, but just a tad ‘safer) and find all kinds of topics being discussed these days . . .and I like to add my $.02 where appropriate.

A few recent comments about a few wines by a very well known wine reviewer have created quite a stir on multiple boards, including his own. Here are the facts:

* This reviewer compared a high scoring Sta. Rita Hills Pinot Noir to a famous 1990 DRC . . .

* This reviewer also made the comment about a very high alcohol syrah that saw extended time in barrel : This is not for everybody (especially those incapable of thinking “outside the box”), but it is unquestionably an impeccably well-made example of a completely different stylistic spin on Syrah.

Personally, I do not take ‘offense’ or ‘question’ either of these statements . . . You know why? Because this is simply ONE PERSON’S VIEWPOINT! Just remember that the term ‘objective wine review’ is an oxymoron in and of itself – it is NOT possible to be completely objective about rating or writing about something as ‘subjective’ as wine.

You cannot have a ‘consumer reports’ – type publication dealing with wine because there are too many ‘subjective’ aspects that go into discussing and dissecting wines . . . Period.

I personally LOVE the second of his comments because I think it rings true for way too many wine drinkers, including those that consider themselves connoisseurs. The fact is, we all use generalizations or stereotypes in our every day lives, whether we choose to believe we do or not. So why would this be different when it comes to wine? It isn’t!

And if this reviewer feels that a wine compares favorably to a great wine that he or she has had in the past, do be it – your mileage may vary . . .and it probably will. And that’s okay . . . It’s kind of like a person who compares the aromas of a wine to ‘Grandma’s perfume’ or ‘a walk along the Sonoma coast’ . . . These are subjective takes that are REAL for the person reviewing . . . But may not resonate with you.

Just a little rambling this morning . . .

Would love to hear your take on these . . .


2 responses to “Whining About Wine . . .Reviews . . .”

  1. Larry says:


    Interesting perspective on reviews indeed. I am somewhat of a ‘sucker’ for reviews and like to read them . . . BUT this does not mean that I ‘blindy’ follow them either.

    Hope to see you taking part in more of these (-:


  2. Vinogirl says:

    I personally never read wine reviews, it is only one persons take, their palate. I may glance at the photo and see if it is anything worth seeking out…but I am mainly being influenced by the varietal and if I want to simply compare it to something else I have already had (like the Raffault Chinon rose in my Sept 5th post).
    Thanks for visiting Vinsanity.