Small lot, hand crafted wines from vineyards throughout Santa Barbara County

Wine Club

We affectionately refer to our wine club as the ‘Burger King’ of wine clubs because we like you to have it ‘your way’. When you sign up, you’ll automatically receive a 20% discount on all purchases, free tastings for you and your guests at our tasting room in Los Olivos, invites to members-only events, and chances to purchase our wines before anyone else. You’ll be part of the ‘tercero family’ and we will try to over-deliver on everything we do for you!

You will receive wine club shipments four times a year, and each shipment will contain two bottles of two different wines. That said, with each shipment, you’ll have at least four different options to choose from – all reds, all whites, a ‘standard’ package (whatever it might be), and at least one ‘upgrade’ option whereby shipping will be included.

No wine will be shipped until I receive a confirmation from you as to what you’d like to receive – so no surprise shipments of wines that you don’t want; no ‘dumping’ of old wines on you; etc.

Please fill out the form below to get started.

Thanks in advance and I hope you’ll consider joining today.

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